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Course Features
Language: Greek
6 months (February - July)
Study Level: All
Certificate of Completion

Limb care has been a care and tradition since antiquity. The tradition continues and the professional nail artist today is recognized in the field of aesthetic care and health of the limbs with the perfect training in the applications of treatments, techniques, decoration, nail prosthetics, taking seriously the biology of the nails.

The main laboratory structure of the curriculum of the specialty, offers the trainees the opportunity to practice in any technical work in real conditions and to deal with nail diseases by proposing ways of intervention within their competence.

The profession of Nail Artist comes to serve one of the needs of the modern era, the beautiful, well-groomed and healthy appearance. It is addressed to a wide range of people, almost of all ages and different professions, since the care of the limbs is an important part of our daily appearance but also of the prevention or relief of nail diseases. This makes it necessary and therefore sought after in the field of health and beauty.

As a graduate of the NAIL ARTIST specialty of KEDIVM1 KEPANSI you will be able to create healthy, well-groomed and elegant limbs and additional nails with the most modern techniques, as you will have acquired the specialized knowledge to undertake any limb care work.

The training program includes the following sections:

  • Manicure
  • Semi-permanent
  • Pedicure
  • Onychoplasty
  • Nail Design
  • Disinfection – Sterilization

The training of our students is supported, in addition to the theoretical courses, with many hours of laboratory applications, but also with specialized seminars and presentations by renowned Nail Artists and the most famous companies in the field.

Areas of Employment:

  • Podiatry & Nail Beautification Centers
  • Institutes of Beauty & Aesthetics
  • Modern Aesthetic centers
  • Hairdressers
  • Spa Centers
  • Large beauty salons
  • Freelancer

The training includes the use of branded products by partner companies such as: NBM – EZFLOW – SUPER NAIL – CHINA GLASE, JESSICA – HARMONY, EMI, OPI, ESSIE, AKZENTZ, LALOO, ALOXA, etc. All products and consumables during the study are offered by the school.


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