Start Time


Sunday, November 28, 2021

End Time


Sunday, November 28, 2021


3, Efodou Street, Heraklion


New seminar by our beloved Eva Siakfa on the subject of face care, following the Traditional Chinese Medicine!

A seminar suitable for Beauticians, Reflexologists, Spa Therapists etc.

It is certain that beauty is something that is born from the depths of existence and manifests the harmony of its being, in body-mind-spirit. It’s just as certain, how it can be supported and enhanced in so many ways and approaches. Ours will be that of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with tools of aesthetic acupuncture and Gua-Sha.

The way we work does not require knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will express together principles of her philosophy and we will borrow some of the techniques of acupuncture and Gua-Sha, so that we can offer her gifts (delaying the wear and improvement of the facial skin, smoothing wrinkles, reducing swelling and dark circles , increase collagen, improve facial elasticity and generally rejuvenate – are some of them).

In an experiential way, theory and practice, at the end of our meeting, we will be able to recognize the needs of a person and offer a deep healing, which will act beneficially, on all levels of existence that accepts it.

For registrations and information: ☎️ 2810-263833