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Language: Greek
40 hours
Study Level: All
Certificate of Completion

Thai Massage is internationally popular and often requested by foreign hotel guests. Its therapeutic benefits are many and it is an amazing tool at the disposal of a Therapist-Spa Therapist who really wants to go deeper into what we call wellness-relaxation-treatment.

The roots of this technique, which spread to the western world from Thailand, date back to the time of Buddha when a student of his, known for his spiritual powers, began to heal patients with this technique. Since then, Thai massage has become a tradition and is taught from generation to generation.

This practice is based on the theory that the body consists of 72000 lines of energy (nadis), in which the therapist works through some basic paths to release and harmoniously distribute the energy of the recipient, both mental and physic.

The educational program lasts 40 hours (without medical lessons) and more than 150 movements are taught in the 4 basic positions with printed photographic material, in which notes are kept by the student. We work in the prone, supine, lateral, sitting position and explain each movement and the therapeutic extensions. The theory is minimal, giving great emphasis to experiential learning, good practice, body position, pressure, weight, knowledge of each movement.

The program is aimed at those who:

  • already have knowledge of massage or other therapeutic method.
  • work in a Spa and want to expand their knowledge and qualifications at the service level.
  • or start their journey in the field of wellness now.


  1. No oils are used in Traditional Thai Massage.
  2. The application is done by hand and the receiver wears comfortable clothes, overalls or shorts.
  3. It is done in a layer of specific specifications and the massage is performed with pressures, movements and stretches, making use of our body weight and our internal energy.
  4. The result is deeply relaxing, as muscles and areas of the body are relieved in a unique way in a complete holistic way.
  5. It is internationally known, which makes its knowledge an important advantage of finding a job.


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