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Language: Greek
1 year
Training and in individual units is offered
Study Level: All
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By learning different types of massage, one acquires with practice an expanded understanding and knowledge of the needs of the human body. With practice, you will gradually discover your own style having in your hands a palette of techniques for every occasion. Each technique that has been chosen, offers a unique possibility and aims at a different physical benefit. The Holistic Massage training cycle is a satisfactory training providing essential foundations.

In order to obtain a degree, the following are required:


  • Relaxing massage: It is one of the oldest treatments. Regular contact with relaxing massage is a good way to protect and maintain health. The results of proper massage are spectacular and immediate. Releases psychosomatic tension. Redefines muscle function, gradually correcting stiffness. Increases blood circulation and improves metabolism. Relaxation becomes deeper and more substantial as the stress is gradually removed.

Hot Stones: From ancient times the people knew and used the beneficial properties of stones. Hot stones are a very good combination treatment of massage and stones. The stones used are basalt, a rock with special healing properties. It is volcanic and has the ability to eliminate tensions from the body, it is full of energy and a unique conductor of heat. This means that it perfectly absorbs heat and diffuses it evenly along with its energy properties while in contact with the body. The stones are round, have a smooth texture and are extremely pleasant to the touch. They glide gently on the body and are combined with suitable essential oils for the desired result. They have analgesic properties, vasodilating action, relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation and oxygen transport to tissues. Their energetic nature in combination with their physical properties has amazing results. Thus, in addition to pain, stress, tension, emotional blockages and general disorders of the energy body are eliminated. The stones are placed in specific energy points and in combination with the aromatherapy massage we have an impressive result.

Sports massage: Sports massage is designed mainly for athletes, but is useful for all chronic pain, injuries and lack of range of motion. It is a deep, therapeutic massage useful for those who have intense sports activity but also for people with a sedentary life. With the sessions, the lactic acid of the muscles is absorbed, the cramps are reduced, the metabolism is activated and all the functions of the body are activated.

Stretching massage: Muscle stretching changes the length of the muscle resulting in better joint mobility and the efficient functioning of the motor mechanisms of the human body. After the massage and especially after the sports massage, the stretches are quite helpful and absolutely useful in the work of a massager.

Cupping Therapy: From ancient times the suction cups are known for their therapeutic effects. Their use was widely known in Greece from antiquity to the present day. In recent years, suction cups through Chinese medicine and philosophy have found their place in the western world. They are a valuable tool for a Holistic Therapist or Spa Therapist and their knowledge is a guaranteed asset. We will learn to use vacuum cleaners that are created with a pump and not with the traditional fire. Their action activates our defense mechanism and self-healing forces.

A bed-only Thai Massage training program: A series of stretches, pressures, massages on the energy lines of the method, causing the deepest physical and mental relaxation. In the seminar, movements are developed for all positions, prone, supine and lateral, harmoniously tied in a treatment protocol that will amaze the client. Valuable tool for employees in Spa centers.

Back Pain Management: Therapeutic Approach-Exercises-Tips. Waist problems are one of the most common therapists will be called upon to help and alleviate. We will learn movements, pressures, stretches that are done on a bed or on a mattress, even with clothes, that aim to treat back pain. We will be trained in general tips we can give, instructions, exercises.

Back-Neck Pain Management: Therapeutic Approach-Exercises-Tips. Back and neck problems, as well as back problems, are among the most common that a therapist will be called upon to help and alleviate. We will learn movements, pressures, stretches that are done on a bed or on a mattress, even with clothes, that aim to treat the pain. We will be trained in general tips we can give, instructions, exercises.

Therapeutic cycles – suggestions to a client, sale of therapeutic packages – marketing. Learning history, indications-contraindications, posture, therapist empowerment, muscle tone recognition exercises, patient approach, treatment suggestions and how to build a treatment session based on the client’s needs, utilizing methods, and how to suggest best results sessions .

* The possibility of training in individual units is offered.


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