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Language: Greek
10 hours
Study Level: All
Certificate of Completion

From ancient times the people knew and used the healing properties of the stones. Hot stones as they are known, are a very good combination relaxation treatment with multiple benefits. The stones used are basalt, a volcanic rock with special healing properties.

The purpose of the seminar is to broaden the therapist’s perception and to make the most of the healing properties of basaltic hot stones with knowledge through energy therapy, relaxation techniques and meditation.

With this seminar, you will be able to offer an energy treatment to the client, enriching your treatment program. You will be able to guide the receiver to accept the positive effects of stones and heat and at the same time you will apply an energy cleansing on his body and aura with obvious results.

Wellness professionals will find in this small supplementary seminar a useful tool for a more complete hot stones session.

Indicatively we will learn:

  • What are the properties of stones and where are they due
  • How we can use them
  • The role of relaxation and energy balance in health and wellness
  • How can I induce an energy healing in a classic hot stones session.
  • How I clean the energy of the receiver and its aura using stones.
  • Positions, points, movements, application on the body in a regular session
  • How we direct the recipient to relax and accept the beneficial effects of the session.

* The seminar is addressed to those who have already been trained in Hot Stones Massage.


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