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Language: Greek
10 hours
Study Level: All
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From time immemorial, suction cups have been known for their healing effects. In ancient Greece their use was widely known until today. In recent years, suction cups through Chinese medicine and philosophy have found their place in the western world. They are a valuable tool for a Holistic Therapist or Spa Therapist and their knowledge is a guaranteed asset.

In this tutorial we will learn to use vacuum suction cups that are created with a pump and not with the traditional fire. These suction cups have the important advantage of controlling the pressure and volume, something that is not done in those of the fire.


The vacuum suction draws the skin and nearby tissues into the suction cup. The result of this suction is an increase in blood and lymph flow. The relaxation of the muscle tissue, the mobilization of the stagnant blood where it exists, the elimination of toxins and the general tension. Thus, chronic symptoms of musculoskeletal problems are often relieved.

Suction therapy is ideal for chronic muscle pain, Trigger points, shortening of the muscular fascia, muscle fractures of the neck, back, waist and limbs. But one of the benefits of suction cup therapy is the deep relaxation it causes. Its action affects the parasympathetic nervous system, thus activating our defense mechanism and self-healing abilities.

In the seminar we will learn:

  • Advantages of suction cup therapy
  • Preparation for treatment with suction cups
  • When we use them, what they cure, diseases and problems
  • Session protocols with suction cups through traditional Chinese medicine
  • Remarks during the session
  • Ways of using suction cups
  • Precautions and contraindications
  • Hygiene and cleaning


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